Perfect Purple Crabapple
Crabapple, Perfect Purple

Perfect Purple boasts a superb rounded habit with bright, dark purple foliage, pink flowers...

Prairie Rose Crabapple
Crabapple, Prairie Rose

Large, fragrant flowers similar to Bectel. Fruitless variety forming a loosely rounded canopy....

Prairifire Crabapple blooms
Crabapple, Prairifire

Upright, spreading habit, becoming rounded with age. Fruit is small 1/4" dark red-purple cone...

Radiant Crabapples in bloom
Crabapple, Radiant

Compact, symmetrical crab with 1/2" brigh red fruit. Foliage is a red purple, turning dark...

Red Barron Crabapple
Crabapple, Red Barron

Narrow, columnar tree with reddish-purple foliage, maturing to green and 1/2" dark red fruit....

Red Jade Crabapple blossoms
Crabapple, Red Jade

Weeping crab adorned with deep pink buds and persistent 1/2" glossy, bright red fruit.

Red Jewel Crabapple
Crabapple, Red Jewel

Upright, pyramidal crab with dark green foliage and very persistent 1/2" cherry red fruit.

Crabapple, Red Splendor

Litter-free crab has an open, upright, speading habit featuring glossy reddish-green foliage....

Royal Raindrops Crabapple
Crabapple, Royal Raindrops

Bright pinkish red flowers combine with deep purple cutleaf foliage to present a unique new...

Royalty Crabapple
Crabapple, Royalty

A purple leaf crab with an upright, rounded habit and 3/4" dark red fruit.